Positive Behaviour Support

At Boddington District High School we are committed to changing the way we educate our students. We believe in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) which is a whole school framework which helps schools create positive learning environments. This is achieved by developing proactive systems to define, teach and support appropriate student behaviours.

The 3 core expectations for positive behaviour at Boddington DHS are;

  • Considerate – Be caring and mindful of others
  • Strive – Do your best
  • Responsible – Do what is expected and own your actions

These core expectations are symbolised in our PBS logo and outlined, in explicit detail, in our Behaviour Expectation Matrix.

Our PBS Logo was designed in collaboration with our students. The leaves on the tree represent the different elements of our community and school. The branches of the tree represent our three expectations and that all three branches are needed for the tree to grow strong. The tree, sitting on the hills of Boddington, reminds us that through working together and learning in a supportive and inclusive environment, all students can grow and succeed.

Our Behaviour Expectation Matrix assists us to:

  • Actively teach students the behaviour we want to see
  • Reward students for positive behaviour
  • Raise expectations
  • Promote a learning culture
  • Hold everyone in the school community accountable for the development of a positive learning environment

To view our Behaviour Matrix download a copy  PBS Behaviour Matrix

School Times

School Commences 8.50am
Recess 10.50am
Lunch Bell 12.40pm
Final Bell 3.00pm
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